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Chris Smedley is a Registered Nurse and Certified Hypnotherapist. She has had training in Reiki, and advanced training in Healing Touch, Energy Medicine and Therapeutic Touch. She has been a long-time student of "Practical Spirituality" and "Compassionate Communication" (speaking from feelings and needs rather than judgments and criticisms). She has been on the Nursing Research Council, and, Unit Nursing Research Committee at the Veterans Hospital in San Diego. She is a past board member of the American Psychographical Society (Psychography is the study of personality forces using recall-bridging). She co-facilitated, with Sally Moore "Project Joy" in Cincinnati, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. As a nurse in the Operating Room for over 30 years she has seen the value of Traditional Medicine, and Alternative Therapies. Her interest is in those processes which are simple to use and have no side effects. Chris brings her unique healing knowledge and talents together, to create the "Love Yourself Thin Workshop", where one is facilitated in reaching the body and weight they desire, by creating their internal image by energy balancing and hypnotic suggestion.

Founder of Energy Way, whose motto is "Creating the Life You Love", Chris has created a unique series of audio programs that help you to create a life you can truly love.

Self Hypnosis Made Easy
An audio program that does just what its name states. It makes Self-hypnosis easy. Through self-hypnosis, you can enhance every aspect of your life. In a simple and practical way, you are guided through short processes that teach you to become proficient in this art quickly, so you can begin to use this valuable tool, to reach your goals, thus: Creating the life you love.

Love Yourself Thin / Affirmations
When you change your internal image, weight comes off. Stop the “Yo-yo Syndrome” with a half hour of positive statements encouraging you to subconsciously guide yourself to your perfect body weight, naturally and easily.

Smoke No More Audio Program
Most people need help in kicking the smoking habit. The “Smoke NO More Audio Program” is just the help that could easily, and quickly, help you to become a non smoker. If you do not use this program please find another, because the best thing a smoker could do for themselves and the ones they love is to become a non-smoker. You are worth it!

Love Yourself to Prosperity & Financial Freedom
Annalisa Berns & Chris Smedley have collaborated in creating this audio program as a tool in helping you to create abundance in your life. A short narrative followed by 45 minutes of success statements to stimulate your internal image to be one of Prosperity and Financial Freedom. Click HERE for reading list.

Tone While You Travel
Avoid the health hazards of travel. An audio exercise program to do while seated, or while lying down. Simple and easy, people around you will barely know you are exercising; although we suggest you tell them. Not recommended to be used while driving or operating machinery.